Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart
-Carl Jung

Hello! I am Erica Taxin, a Master's level Social Worker and Jungian Coach.

What Is Jungian Coaching? In Jungian Coaching we explore and reveal unconscious patterns that are often unknowingly directing our lives; many of these unconscious patters have led us to feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled. Jungian coaching is a process of tapping into these unconscious behaviors to reveal the creative potential that resides in you. This insight, wisdom and understanding allows you to live a life that aligns with your deepest desires.

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What is SoulDive Coaching?

My Approach

Join me as we explore the patterns that are preventing you from creating a life that feels aligned with your hopes and dreams. Through this work, you will establish a deeper level of intimacy and connection with yourself,  as well as within your current and desired relationships.

Are you hoping for a deeper connection and less struggle within your current relationships such as with your family, children, work, love and/or career relationships?

Stronger Understanding

Are you interested in discovering and shifting unconscious patterns that have been preventing you from cultivating healthier relationships?

Career Paths

Do you want to explore and seek out a career path that is exciting and deeply fulfilling for you?

Life Transitions

Are you navigating a transition such as: divorce/ending of a relationship, retirement, job/career shift, or are you an empty nester and hope to use these transitions as an opportunity to step more fully into what you truly desire in your life?

Deeper Connections

Are you ready to develop a deeper connection to yourself and shift into greater alignment and balance in your life?

The knowledge of our own being, is knowledge itself, is not only the most profound knowledge possible but also the most precious. It is the source of the peace and happiness for which we long for above all else…
-Rupert Spira
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Welcome! A bit about me...

My name is Erica Taxin and I am based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a Masters Level Social Worker with additional training as a Jungian Coach and an administrator and coach of the Enneagram.  I have over 15 years of facilitating groups and individuals interested in deep self exploration; my work has focused on assisting individuals to embrace their full potential in order to go forth and lead fuller and happier lives.

I come from a heart centered approach; the foundation of our sessions will be rooted in creating a space of openness and safety within a container of complete confidentiality. 

We will work together using various techniques and modalities to reveal and dismantle the barriers to your leading a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Our work together is collaborative. We will be partners on the journey of your inner exploration. I will act as your guide, coach and  facilitator as we navigate through this process of discovery. I will support you in becoming curious about what may be holding you back in your life within your love relationships, family, career, friendships and ultimately in your relationship to yourself. We will identify areas where you have relinquished your power and potential as well as cultivate a deeper connection to your own intuitive inner wisdom. 

I believe that when we develop a deeply intimate, grounded and authentic relationship with ourselves this impacts all other relationships in our lives. 

The shift for meaningful transformation begins within; this will be the first and most important work we will do together. Through this work, you will have the resources to embody and step more fully into yourself…. into your hopes… dreams..... and aspirations.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
Brene Brown

What people are saying

Experiences of people who have worked with me:
“The experience of working with Erica was phenomenal.  As someone who is psychologically oriented and has been in therapy for years I was stunned by the level of accuracy and new insights that I gained from one session.  Together we were able to “connect the dots” through her powerful questions and the safe space she created.  This new understanding has created a new platform for growth and compassion for myself.”
“Erica helped me to see some of the blind spots of which I was unaware; even after years and years of traditional therapy.  Her gentle, compassionate, yet firm approach helped me to make some amazing changes in several of my most important relationships and I have even  started on a new career path that I hadn’t  had the courage to pursue.  This work will change your life!”